Why Choose CLEAR DTG?

ClearDTG is the only TRUE open source option for DIY DTG builders – not only do we empower you to build your own Direct to Garment printer, we make the source code available to you for general improvements and modifications under the GNU GPL licensing standards. Want to create your own custom controls / features? EASY! Flowchart based programming makes it simple for even inexperienced builders and non-programmers to compose and modify, all while sticking with commercially available, “off the shelf” control components – NO NEED TO BUY A PROPRIETARY, LOCKED CONTROL BOARD FROM US TO BUILD THIS SYSTEM!



  • TRUE Open Source Project – in fact, we may be the ONLY real open source Direct to Garment printer project available! Sure, there are kits out there, but non that provide the in-depth level of access to every aspect of the system.
  • NO PROPRIETARY CONTROL BOARD – our electronic system is based around an off-the-shelf, professional level PLC unit which is available from the manufacturer for as low as $49! The source code is open source, so it is easy to program your PLC and wire it up.
  • Access to 3D renderings, exploded-view component / build guides, CAD files for laser cutting and lots more! Of course, you don’t need to build your machine the same as we’ve done, but if you want to then all the necessary files are available!
  • Off-the-Shelf Components – every part of the primary system is comprised of components which can easily be sourced for affordable prices, making it even more accessible to everyone. The remainder of parts and components can either be cut from various materials (wood, acrylic, etc) or made with a 3D printer.
  • Easy to Customize – whether adding new features, modifying the general operating principles of the motion control system or even connecting your machine to the IoT (Internet of Things), our system makes it simple. The recommended PLC includes several extra Input / Output ports to take advantage of, and when combined with the flowchart-based programming environment, the sky is the limit! Need even more Input / Output controls? No problem! The Velocio PLC is available in a wide range of configurations, ensuring nothing is outside your reach.