Velocio ACE PLC Control Unit

At the heart of the CLEAR DTG printer system is an off-the-shelf commercial level PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) – we opted for this in lieu of a proprietary control board to make sure ANYONE can build this system with ease, and at the lowest possible price.

Not only does this simplify construction while enabling the greatest level of flexibility, it also ensures replacements, if needed, are always available and incredibly affordable!

Flowchart based programming environment makes modification of the core software much easier, even for the novice programmer – start with the basic functionality and add or modify whatever you want, moving forward.

Our basic system utilizes the ACE 22 PLC, which retails for a whopping $89 and provides 12 digital input ports and 12 digital output ports. Not all ports are utilized for the basic version, however, so there is plenty of room for upgrade – an enterprising builder could easily build a budget version using the even less costly ACE 11, which retails for only $49.

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